Our Millennial Nucleus gets to the University Of Chile’s public repository: Tantaku


The two seasons of Scientific Dialogs -in which physicists of our Millennial Nucleus interview
others scientists about topics of global interest- plus the five animated capsules about the findings of our center, and the three seasons of Podcasts of physics, performed by our Ph.D. Director Rodrigo Soto are part -from this week- of Tantaku: The University of Chile’s online free platform.
In Tantaku, people can access audiovisual material, movies, conferences, documentaries, pictures, audio, podcasts, e-books, educative material, historical maps, scores, pieces of art, manuscripts, and historical thesis produced in different faculties, institutes, and tiers of the University of Chile.
The outreach audiovisual material of the Millennial Nucleus Physics of Active Matter (DFI-FCFM) is the product of Proyección al Medio Externo (PME -Spanish for Projection to the external Medium), financed by the Millennium Scientific Initiative of the Science, Technology, Innovation, and Knowledge Ministry, hosted in the audiovisual item, Educative Material category of Tantaku.
You can access from here: Scientific Dialogs and Animated Capsules
The series Podcasts of Physics, created and produced by Rodrigo Soto -Director of the Millennial Nucleus Physics of Active Matter and academic from the Department of Physics of the University of Chile’s FCFM- where he interviews different physics from the country to deepen about Physics Nobel Prize is available here: Podcasts of Physics
The new online platform -launched in December of 2020- was named Tantaku, which means
“union” in the Quechua language, since, through it, the University of Chile seeks to unify society around culture, making available for the general public the cultural production of its 178 years of history.