Communication of the science

At the Millennial Nucleus, we communicate and spread its researches to the community through the Projection to the External Media Program (PME), which allows us to generate diverse projects financing by “Iniciativa Milenio” of the ANID.

We seek to promote knowledge and comprehension of the Physics of Active Matter as a new study area and its importance as a basic science for the country and its potential applications. We want to collaborate in the strengthening of the general scientific culture, especially in young people.

In the first three years, we have developed activities and communication products that seek to inspire interest in science (in general) and active matter (in particular). Not forgetting the protagonists; scientists whose researchers and works can inspire students with interests in these areas, especially women, whose presence is still rare in these areas of knowledge.

We focus mainly on two stakeholders: secondary school students and pre-grade students showing interest in science and the general public.

Scientific Dialogs Series

Series: Audiovisual divulgation series in which physicists from the Millennial Nucleus interview and talk with scientists from other areas about subjects of current interest. This series was released in 2018 and, in 2019, completed six chapters with more than 16 thousand views on YouTube and more than 500 thousand users in social media and VTR Channel.

Animated capsules

Animated capsules of 1-minute duration showed some of the most important researches of the Millennial Nucleus. Between 2019 and 2020, the five capsules achieved more than 6 thousand views on YouTube and more than 30 thousand views on Facebook and Twitter.

Institutional video

In a video of 3-minutes duration, we explain what we do at the Millennial Nucleus Physics of Active Matter. The objective of the video is to show our contribution to science from our center of excellence. This video is available on our YouTube channel and social media.

Questions and Memes Contest

Contest: Contest made in connection with the Scientific Dialogs Series. Nine questions and four memes were the winners. In twelve videos, scientists gave the answers to these questions.

Media interviews

Researchers from the Millennium Nucleus have given interviews, talking about their findings and experiences as scientists of the Millennium Nucleus for diverse mass media like radio, television, newspapers, and magazines.


Talks: Researchers from the Millennial Nucleus have performed diverse talks about
their areas of study for secondary school students, pre-grade students, and the
general public, both within and outside the locations of this research center of