Interview in radio ADN to the Deputy Director of the Nucleus, María Luisa Cordero


The Ph.D. in Fluid Mechanics and Deputy Director of the Physical Millennium Nucleus of Active Matter, María Luisa Cordero was interviewed in the “Mujer STEM” section of the radio ADN program named Agenda de Género (Gender Agenda.)
The assistant professor of the Department of Physics of the University of Chile spoke with Ph.D. Pilar Gárate, academic from the USM and panelist of the space, and with Lucía López, host of the program that airs every Saturday at 9:00 a.m. and repeated on Thursdays at 22:00 hours.

Listen here to the full audio of the interview.

Here are some of her highlighted phrases:

“There have been special programs recently to attract more women to science and engineering and that, eventually, will level things up.”

“The representation of women at all levels is vital. On a personal level, I found it every day in little details like, for example, the forms of motherhood; I don’t have colleagues to ask how they did it.”

“I liked astronomy and science, in general as well as mathematics. My family always encouraged us to have a critical eye. I have a brother who is also a scientist, my father is an engineer and my mother an architect. I had the possibility of being curious about things. I always had a scientific mentality, and when I entered university, I fell in love with physics.”

“To all young women who want to study science, I would say to follow your dream.
Trust me, this is not a one-way road. As long as you keep walking, you will find quite different possibilities. For example, now in the Millennium Nucleus Physics of Active Matter, we are working with bacteria and we are strongly collaborating with biologists and doctors. Therefore, the message is that the possibilities do not close because you choose one thing, they rather open up. You must be brave. Physics can be understood by everyone if you have the right base and if you work properly.”