“Active Breakfasts” in the Millennium Nucleus


The Millennium Nucleus Physics of Active Matter started the “active breakfasts”, instance that take place all Wednesday from 10:30 to 12:30 in the meeting room of the Laboratory of Out of Equilibrium Matter, of the Department of Physics of the University of Chile.

In these meetings -with the participations of the main researchers of the Nucleus and students that integrate this centre- several topics are discussed, going from microfluidics cellular migration, to thermodynamics.

The “active breakfasts” are open to all the students of the Department of Physics and the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences who want participate.


Wednesday, 6 December
Gabriel Ramos: Micro swimmers confined on drops and shells

Wednesday, 29 November
Néstor Sepúlveda: Modelos de run-and-tumble
Alfredo L’Homme: Long-rage electric communication of biofilms

Wednesday, 22 November
Rodrigo Soto:
 Statistical properties of a non-polarized active tissue (Master’s thesis project of Fernanda Pérez)
Sebastián González: Self-assembled flagella

Wednesday, 15 November
Uwe Thiele (Visitor from Germany): Gradient dynamics models for films of complex fluids and beyond – dewetting, line deposition and bacterial carpets
Francisca Guzmán: Simulations of bacteria on drops

Wednesday, 8 November

Wednesday, 1 November

Wednesday, 25 October
María Luisa Cordero: Surfactants in the microfluidics
Pablo Mardones: Youth meeting consciencia

Wednesday, 18 October
Belén Barraza: Propulsion in biological fluids
Fernanda Perez: Correlating Cell Shape and Cellular Stress in Motile Confluent Tissues

Wednesday, 11 October
Carolina Cogo: Mobility of Bradyrhizobium diazofficiens
Juan Keymer: Spatial dynamics of bacteria in micron scale habitat landscapes
Felipe Aguilar: Spectroscopy and measurements of forces in nanoscale with AFM tools.

Wednesday, 4 October
Hector Ramos: “Rheology dependent of time in granular media”

Wednesday, 27 September
Susana Márquez: “Physical model of the durotaxis in cells with non-polarized morphology”
Francisca Guzmán: “Attraction of nutrients and effects of long memory in stains of bacteria”

Wednesday, 13 September
Felipe Valdebenito: “Process of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck active: thermodynamic results”
Gabriel Ramos: “Dynamics of micro swimmers confined on a drop: from the micro activity to macro movement”
Sebastian González: “Dresden Micro Motors Summer School: semen and phoresis”

Wednesday, 6 September
Néstor Sepúlveda: “Models of active matter”
Fernanda Pérez: “Using cell deformation and motion to predict forces and collective behaviour in morphogenesis”
Pablo Mardones: “Deformation of drops newly form on a microchannel”

Wednesday, 30 August
Felipe Barra: “Stochastic thermodynamics”
Camila Horvath: Her PhD thesis subject

Wednesday, 23 August
Rodrigo Soto: “Physics of the cellular migration”
Maria Luisa Cordero: “Microfluidics”
Marcelo Guzmán: “Rheology of bacterial suspensions”(Master thesis)

Schedule: Wednesday from 10:30 to 12:30
Place: Meeting Hall LMFE (Plinth of the Department of Physics)